Aug 6, 2013

Artist's home: painter Maria Dermengiu

Long time no see... sorry!! It's been so hot here that I stayed away from the laptop.. I focused on the pool area more:)) Plus, when I have nothing to say I think it's better to stay quiet...
Now, I have something beautiful to share with you, the house of Romanian painter Maria Dermengiu. She says she paints because it gives her balance. Her art is filled with pastels, and her space mirrors her work. I love the serenity and the simplicity of this place, I love the blue, the whites and creams, the paintings, and I could go on and on about what I love in this space... Better take a look yourselves:

I bet I got your attention now, right??

"I enjoy every moment and I feel free" she says in her interview here.
I think her space reflects this.

Stunning work!!

Do you love this space as much as I do? Does it resonate with your aesthetic? Do share!


Photos are taken from here.

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  1. Yes, this is my type of space! Love all the natural light, art, and splashes of colour!


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