Aug 7, 2013

HELP, my blogger friends!! (Lighting choices for my kitchen)

We still have things to do in the house, mainly lighting related, plus the former garage that we haven't tackled at all yet; we plan on using it as an office/second living room/ second guest room (decide already!!). No furniture in there yet, only a monster wall-to-wall dresser to holds all of our stuff.
Can you imagine we still have no lighting pieces in the kitchen?? I am having trouble with choosing them...I am going to need three, the one in the middle is going to be this:

For the other two pieces needed in the kitchen I am going to choose directional lights, one is for above the small bar and the other is on the opposite side. I already have those, but they were bought before me finding this cute guy from above, so I'm not sure they work together... This was going to be  for above the bar:

...and this for the one on the opposite side of the hanging pendant:

I am so having trouble with realizing if they work together... yes, mixing metallics here, but .... are they ok together?? It's not only mixing metallics here, it's about styles...
So, help me, please!! Do they work, and if not, what other directional lights do I choose ( I can use what I already have for other places in the house and buy new ones). The one that is definitely staying is the off-gold hanging pendant.

This is my kitchen:

The pulls on the cabinets, the chairs and the glass table are silver. Up in the middle you can see the bulb, it's where I'll hang the pendant. On the left you can see the leg of the bar and on the right of the picture it's the place for the third light. The three pieces of lighting are in a straight line, with the pendant in the middle
and the two tractional lights on the sides. 



Images 1/2/3/4


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  2. Ozana me parece preciosa la idea de la luminaria de la primera foto como luz central , tiene mucha prestancia y es muy moderna ,, ahora encuentro que queda perfecto con las barras laterales que tu piensas,, a mi me encantan las mezclas

  3. Your kitchen is gorgeous. I don't know, I'm not a fan of the style of the directional lighting. Maybe if they didn't have the silver bands at the bottom of the shades, or maybe if they didn't have those pieces sticking off the top.

  4. I'm not really a fan of the track lighting as well and I think it detracts from your beautiful chandelier. I think it's back to the drawing board on this one.

  5. Definitely not a fan of track lighting lady. That pendant you bought is clearly a star, and deserves a good supporting cast. Definitely back to the drawing board. Do you have wider shots of the kitchen? It's hard to say what lights I'd recommend in lieu of the track lighting because I can't see where exactly the new lights need to be


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