Aug 10, 2013

Kilim for the kitchen

Happy Saturday!! 
I am inspired today to share my thoughts... let me just take a break from all my "light in the kitchen" drama I've been experiencing lately (with no result, I might add..sad.. .)
I stick to the kitcen area, though, I've got a thing about this place these days, and share my struggle with you ...again. This time is... runners for the kitcen area... The floor tiles I chose are truly beautiful... they look like natural stone cut and it has the most beautiful irregular shine... and some sparkle (that's always good in my book):

I love it!! But, for the cooking area, that is around the sink and the range, I need a runner. Watching and cooking has left a bit of a mark on that area, cause when I do the dishes I....really do them and get water everywhere!! It is not noticeable now but I am thinking that it will be in a few years. So, I have decided to look for runners. One of the most beautiful things in a white kitchen is a kilim runner, in my book!! I am craving one sooo badly!! Here are a few of the photos that I LOVE:


What do you think about this look? I personally think it gives warmth and presence and , in my case, it keeps the tiles from getting dirty! And yes, I would use a kilim for that purpose!!




  1. Yo tenía el mismo dilema mi amiga, si poner o no alfombra en la cocina , pero al final no he puesto ya que es más fácil limpiar si no hay nada

  2. Ozana, Hi! I love Kilims and what better to elevate the status of a kitchen!!

    Feature: Designer Barry Dixon

  3. Yes on kilims! There are some great sources on Ebay! I bought one on ebay and really loved it. If you'd like the name of the vendor just email me.


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