Aug 13, 2013

Just some things....

There are some things I was so looking forward to... like spending some time with my mom at her place...that is happening as we speak... and the other thing? Taking things from her know it, it goes like: Mom, I want this , can I have it? Preety please? What's a mom to do??:))

Ta-da!! Perfect runner for my kitchen!!
Wool, free and I can call it vintage too!!:))

I love this painting!!
Now it is going to live with me!!

... some peacock action never disappoints!!

Can we all say "Thanx mom!!"...


  1. Good for you!!!! Yes, thank mom!!! Love your post! From BsAs, Arg., Julia C.

  2. Tu mama te dio la alfombra, el cuadro y ese hermoso plato??? Tu madre si que te ama !!,

  3. That rug is beautiful! Gotta love stuff that's both pretty and free.


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