Sep 17, 2013

Fashion cravings....

Guys!! Did you know I am a teacher? And that I came back to work after more than three years? And that I forgot  how to wear heels, although I adore them?! Sad... With fall coming down on us, I am craving boots... heeled, just to make things difficult for me.. skirts and purses... burgundy and black.... check them out:

This is what I crave to wear.. do you think that these outfits are unappropriate for a teacher?? I think that the children always respond better to someone who cares how they present themselves.  What do you think? Do share!!


Images here.


  1. I like them all! I think everything looks very professional.

  2. I love picture 2 very sophisticated. And I think it's important for you to portray to the kids that you care about how you look. You never know who it's going to make an impression on at that age.

  3. Me gusta mucho esos look especialmente el segundo

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  5. Hi there! I am also a teacher and I think these are perfectly appropriate:-) And great! XOXO


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