Nov 23, 2013

Clutter free kitchen

Is it Saturday already?? Seriously?? It seems like someone is stealing my days.. life seems to be on fast forward.. anyone feeling like me??
I have noticed something about me: I am happiest when my house is clean and de-cluttered. As a family of four, we each of us have our sh.. sorry, things all around the house, and those of you who have kids know how they don't move a finger when it comes to putting things where they belong!
The day my house is clean, I am calm, even zen... for on hour, at least, untill the girls come from school/kindergarten and they begin ... their stuff... I like the entire house to be clean and airy, but the place I really almost need to keep de-cluttered is the kitchen. Now that I have enough countertop space (around 7 metres) and that I have built-in appliances, I have enough space to keep the pots, plates, bowls and the other stuff a kitchen needs. Therefore, the countertop remains free, airy and de-cluttered. I have no other appliances on the countertop, and I will make my best to keep it so. Hubs was talking these days about buying a bread-machine, but I nixed it almost immediatly, and "because we'll eat too much bread and we'll get fat" wasn't the real reason, I almost immediatly began thinking about a cluttered kitchen.... didn't like it a bit, I tell ya!!
Here are some kitchens I love because they are so airy and clutter-free (I seem to associate clean and fresh with white kitchens...):

...kind of Swedish, right?

Oh, and I like modern kitchens!!

...gotta love a glass table... I love the modern cabinets and the vintage rugs...

...loving flowers....

...things hidden in the cabinets make a clutter-free kitchen...

??? great, right???

...lovely island!!

And here is mine when all is in place:

 How do you feel about your countertops?


Images here.


  1. I have a bunch of stuff of my countertops. I wish I had more cabinet space to hide most of my everyday appliances. I love your kitchen. Your counters are clutter free! Great runner in front of your sink too.

  2. Como adoro esa alfombra roja en tu cocina ,, le da mucho estilo

  3. My kitchen will stay clutter free for about one hour and then the counters slowly begin to accumulate stuff. I love a clutter free kitchen but can never keep mine that way. Love these that you featured.

  4. Wow these are some beautiful clutter free kitchens. I'm especially loving that wood island….what a statement. I'm definitely a clean and organized type of person and like you I feel very grumpy and distracted when the house is a mess. I would love any one of these kitchens together with a chef :-)

  5. Some of these are pretty, but some just feel sterile to me. If you have appliance cupboards, that's fine and I would love to have some too, but unless I had some specialized storage it'd be annoying to have to take out the flour and sugar canisters every time I baked.

  6. LOVE a clean, clutter free kitchen! My moms kitchen counters are loaded with non necessary items and I can't stand it, which is probably why I went the complete opposite in my kitchen! Have a great weekend Ozana:)


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